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360 Virtual Tours

Communicate and Showcase your assets with our bespoke HTML5 based interactive tours. Suitable for all devices including Virtual Reality


How easy is it for you to communicate with the project team over large distances?

With Phase Virtual Tours you can significantly enhance the process by visiting the site using an interactive 360 degree photographic tour.


Simply send a web link (URL) by email and ask the team to click, or share your own screen to commence the immersive tour from desktop using only a mouse as navigation through the site.

Look at site plans, 'hotspot' click on important area's and add your own photographs and sketches.

Book a bespoke 360 virtual tour for communication


Looking for a professional interactive presentation to showcase your product or service?


Virtual presentations for products & services is our professional quality 360 imagery service, captivating your online audience to fully immerse and engage with content by desktop or VR.


Using high grade cameras our photography brings will live up to the expectations you would expect for this kind of service. 

We can fully integrate the tour to your google account and street view. 

Book a bespoke 360 virtual tour for a showcase presentation

Looking for a 3d Matterport Tour?

Phase also provide low cost Matterport 3d Tours as part of our service offering. Please be aware however there are small monthly service charges for hosting these types of tours.

Book a Matterport Tour for communication


Projects, Products & Services

Residential Property
Commercial Property
Project Planning

Keep a look out for updates to this page as services as examples get added from our growing portfolio 


"Phase are very adaptable and friendly to deal with, going over and above what we expected to ensure that they met the production deadline"

Head of Communications and Marketing

Visual Asset Management

We take Industrial tours to the next level for Plant-Inspection and Construction with next-gen HDR 360 cameras combined with scene documentation and measuring functionality. 


A visually based central database storage facility, for all recorded digital asset & facility information.

Contact us to discuss in more detail.

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Why book Virtual Tours with us?

Long established surveyors and professional photographers combined brings the highest level of attention to detail.


A bespoke approach to each project and  years of experience understanding what needs done to make the best tour for you using high quality camera systems.

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Phase Projects Ltd. 

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Aberdeen, Scotland


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